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Caledonian Nickel in all its forms
Published on 16 June 2016


At the request of its Steering Committee, MEDEF-NC has organized in May, a series of conferences, with support of its mining and industrial nickel operators and associate members, to share their actual operations state of affairs and their business strategies. It is a series of conferences, intended only for MEDEF-NC associate members The conferences were held every Tuesday, organized in morning sessions for 5 weeks, from 3rd to 31st of May. Each presentation was followed by questions and answers, as well as a press conference to relay and supply information to the Caledonian population. For more details...

SMSP reaches out to the public of Koné
Published on 01 March 2016


SMSP was invited to an information meeting organized by the Comité de soutien pour la doctrine nickel (Nickel Doctrine Support Committee), held on Wednesday February 24, in the auditorium of Koné’s new cultural complex. More than 200 people came to listen and follow SMSP presentation, including the financial results of mining and metallurgical subsidiaries of SMSP/POSCO partnership, stated by André DANG CEO, along with Marcel THOMAS Secretary General (SMSP) and Karl THERBY Chief Financial Officer of SOFINOR. For more details...

First metal casting for KNS Furnace N°1 after its reconstruction
Published on 02 February 2016


Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 14:30 the Koniambo Nickel's Team conducted the first casting of Furnace n°1, after its rebuilding, during which operation 45 tons of ferronickel were produced on the Vavouto Industrial Site. The Furnace n°1 was shut down in 26 December 2014, due to a molten metal leakage. After investigations, the Koniambo Nickel SAS’ and its subcontractors’ engineers have implemented some design changes on the furnace while carrying out the reconstruction works. The capacity of the Furnace n°1 will be gradually increased during this year. For more details...

Two Cotransmine tug boats for the East Coast
Published on 08 December 2015


Cotransmine the SMSP Shipping Company has been delivered two new tug boats intended for Kouaoua and Nakéty operating centers. Currently both centers perform loading operations with two tug boats, i.e. Claude II and Pierre Edouard and 5 barges including 3 leased to a North Province shipping company. The new tugs are named after Bogota and Kinde, e.i. to say two passes to reach Kouaoua Nakety bays. Their construction was supervised by Veritas Bureau and New Caledonian Maritime Affairs. For more details...

Souviens-toi !
Published on 04 December 2015


Souviens-toi (Remember)! It’s the official motto, and the headline of a Review whose first edition was published in November, to commemorate the three men Pidjot. Roch is Plilemon’s big brother, himself father of Raphael. They come from the Pidjot Customary Clan, one of the eight clans that make up this tribe in the city. They are engaged in the same struggle, the recognition and emancipation of the Kanak and Caledonian people, incarnated in "Two colors, one people" motto! For more details...

Delivery of 150 tons Dumpers at KNS, a first in the history of New Caledonia
Published on 04 September 2015


June 11, 2015, Koniambo Nickel received 3 dumpers of 150-tons loading capacity, relieved by the Port Teams with the assistance of Komatsu’s Technical Staff. It was an outstanding and impressive operation, taking into account the size of the parts to be unloaded from the ore carrier’s holds. As a result, Koniambo Nickel becomes the first New Caledonia’s Industrial Company to own these mining machinery. 18 operators including 6 females were trained for three months to drive these 150 tons machinery since their operation in mines. Increasing payloads up to 150 tonnes is thus one way Koniambo Nickel implements its Sustainable Development Policy.

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