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Goodbye Gun!
Published on 28 July 2016


Gun KIM joined NMC as Management Control Director on 1st October 2013. A function that allowed him to carry a 3-year stay in the mining branch of the SMSP in New Caledonia, far from his Korea native. Responsibilities which enabled him to spend 3 years’ stay within the SMSP’s Mining Branch in New Caledonia, far from his Korean native country. A very laborious taking office that begins with the absolute necessity to learn French. "It was a real headache. All communications, memorandum or other resource materials are in French. For more details...

Kouaoua Cotransmine Site has taken of Height!
Published on 12 July 2016


Cotransmine Kouaoua Site has received its new loading platform. Brand new, it comprises a 12 meters long berthing platform and a gateway dimensioned for the access of a vehicle. The completion of the wharf construction works marks the third and final phase of Kouaoua marine base’s overall rehabilitation works, launched in 2012, with the refurbishment of the maintenance area and the rock-fill of the bank’s reinforcement, targeted to reduce erosion and other bad weathers impacts. For more details...

Caledonian Nickel in all its forms
Published on 16 June 2016


At the request of its Steering Committee, MEDEF-NC has organized in May, a series of conferences, with support of its mining and industrial nickel operators and associate members, to share their actual operations state of affairs and their business strategies. It is a series of conferences, intended only for MEDEF-NC associate members The conferences were held every Tuesday, organized in morning sessions for 5 weeks, from 3rd to 31st of May. Each presentation was followed by questions and answers, as well as a press conference to relay and supply information to the Caledonian population. For more details...

SMSP met with FINC Associate Members
Published on 02 May 2016


Thursday, April 28, in response to the invitation of the New Caledonia Federation of Industries (FINC), André DANG, SMSP CEO, along with Marcel THOMAS, SMSP Secretary General, Karl THERBY, SOFINOR Chief Financial Officer and Laurent FOGLIANI, Director of Communications at KNS, took turns at the microphone, to introduce the various operation activities and financial results of the company’s subsidiaries, resulted from project partnerships negotiated by SMSP. The FINC is a trade association under professional federation form, which includes 177 members and represents 8000 jobs in New Caledonia (2015 figures). For more details...

SMSP reaches out to the public of Koné
Published on 01 March 2016


SMSP was invited to an information meeting organized by the Comité de soutien pour la doctrine nickel (Nickel Doctrine Support Committee), held on Wednesday February 24, in the auditorium of Koné’s new cultural complex. More than 200 people came to listen and follow SMSP presentation, including the financial results of mining and metallurgical subsidiaries of SMSP/POSCO partnership, stated by André DANG CEO, along with Marcel THOMAS Secretary General (SMSP) and Karl THERBY Chief Financial Officer of SOFINOR. For more details...

First metal casting for KNS Furnace N°1 after its reconstruction
Published on 02 February 2016


Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 14:30 the Koniambo Nickel's Team conducted the first casting of Furnace n°1, after its rebuilding, during which operation 45 tons of ferronickel were produced on the Vavouto Industrial Site. The Furnace n°1 was shut down in 26 December 2014, due to a molten metal leakage. After investigations, the Koniambo Nickel SAS’ and its subcontractors’ engineers have implemented some design changes on the furnace while carrying out the reconstruction works. The capacity of the Furnace n°1 will be gradually increased during this year. For more details...

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